NR reg tool
Role: Developer
Screenshot of the registration tool

Project details

Project name:
Organisation as Service (OAS)
Project owner:
Nordic Council
Project start:
May 2013
Launch date:
Mid September 2013
PHP, PowerDB, MySQL, Apache
My role in project:
Designer, developer, maintainer, product owner


Every year the Nordic Council is gathered to the Nordic Session. Which is one of the biggest political events within the Nordic Co-operation. In order to keep track on all the visitors and participants a registration tool was needed.

I was asked by the Council secretariat if it would be possible to create a registration solution that could aid the process of registering the different types of visitors. The agreement was to create a very quick "prototype" solution that would later be replaced.

Choice of technology

At this time I was most comfortable with PHP and earlier I have developed a flexible ORM tool called PowerDB, which made it easy to work with database table and growing the models.

Project and development cycle

The project started with research and meetings, what types of participants are attending the session. This was my first year in the Nordic Co-operation, so I needed all the information about the Nordic Session I could get my hands on.

It ended up that each registration got a "registration profile". An XML document which described the different registration paths and their options. A backend that recieived the XML document and created a new registration for an event, along with all the different visitor types, parties and party groups.

The adminstrators can later check in on all the registrations and export the whole attendees list to Excel for badge production and import to internal databases.

The product is still actively used today for the Nordic Council's session and meetings, and had a few updates and improvements along the road.

My role in the project

Designed the solution along with the Nordic Council's secretariat. Developed the solution and deployed on AWS EC2 instance.