Role: Developer
Screenshot of the publication upload tool

Project details

Project name:
Online publication management tool
Project owner:
Nordic Council of Ministers - Publications
Project start:
April 2021
Launch date:
June 2021
Flask, Python, HTML/SCSS/JS, Apache
My role in project:
Technical adviser, developer and maintainer


Publications within the Nordic Co-operation has made a digital transformation. From printed media to digital online publications. Presented as SPA websites. The publication unit at the Nordic Council of Ministers secretariat have invested in tools to create these online publication, but needed a place to house all the hundres of publication.

The web department was asked to create a tool to upload and maintain the publications on a server. Also the possibility to HTTP password protect some of the publications.

Choice of technology

Since this project would only work with the filesystem on a unix server and no database. There were no no need for a big framework. I've been using Flask successfully in the past for smaller web applications.

Project and development cycle

This is a microproject and development was made within a week. The main functionality is that the admin will upload a zip file with the online publication. The web application creates a folder and extracts the contents and makes sure the all the files has the right permissions.

The front ended up being three parts: A login, a overview of all the online publications and an upload page.

My role in the project

Everything; From suggesting a solution to deployment of finished product.

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