Role: Developer, maintainer
Screenshot of the old website

Project details

Project name: (retired)
Project owner:
Nordic Council of Ministers - Communication
Project start:
Mid September 2018
Plone 4.3, Python, ZODB
My role in project:
Designer, developer, maintainer, product owner


I started my position as an adviser / web developer at the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2013. The website at the time was running Plone 4.2. was (and is) a huge website. It handles a lot of different content such as news, funding opportunities, political cases and case files, border hinderances, questions from citizens, newsletter, image bank, publications and a lot more. Some of the content types has a complex process flow such as the political cases.

The website had an exceptional handling when it came to multilingual content. Every type of content should be able to be localized, as well with fallback language. A fallback language is a chain of locale options. If a user request a translation in a certain language and it doesn't exists the user should first off be offered content in language B if available; if not the user will get language C.

Albeit being a very compentent platform. The CMS started to get old and ran with very poor performance and more errors occured. In 2017 a decision was made to replace the existing Plone solution.

Maintenance cycle

After familiarize myself with the code base of I could start develop parts. Improving the work list for the translators. During my time with the website we re-skinned it twice. Developed a border hinderance database, with PDF export.

My role in the project

Technical responsible person for the web site and developer.